K-POP Groups Over Looked Revisited [2015]

1PUNCH – I don’t know this group at all. and they didn’t last long. they were disbanded this year as well. They had nice music but I think Korea wasn’t ready for the American old school style they had.

CLC – I don’t know this group either but they have some nice music. I would listen to their song “Black Dress” all day.

DAY6 – I heard about them through A.S.C. (AfterSchool Club) and one of their members is a host on the show and still is a host. I only listened and liked one song of theirs.

GFRIEND – They appeared on Running Man before so I’ve heard of this group. I just never listened to their music which is kinda nice.

iKON – Yep I’ve heard of this group as well, just never listened to their music before.

M.A.P.6 – Never heard of them, but they have some nice jams.

MONSTA X – Yes, I’ve heard of them too, and I think I heard one of their songs before but I don’t remember it. But their latest song is the jam. They are worth checking out from their debut to now. I would like to see just how much they’ve grown in the past 3 years.

N.Flying – I heard of them from KCON, they performed there one year. But I haven’t heard their songs.

OH MY GIRL – I heard of this group as well, I just can’t remember where from. Probably Running Man. They always have lots of girl groups come on the show.

ROMEO – The name sounds familiar but I know I haven’t heard their music unless it was from a soundtrack.

SEVENTEEN – Yes, they were at KCON one year as well. But that’s not how I found out about them. I actually forget how I found out about them but they have nice music as well. I just don’t have the time to keep up with them.

SNUPER – I’ve heard of them but never listened to their music until now. It’s quite nice. I’m glad they are still active as is the majority of groups from this year.

TWICE – How could I have not heard of Twice, they’ve been on Running Man a few times, plus I saw them in concert at Kcon last year (Kcon NY 2017).

UP10TION – I’ve heard of them before and never listened to their music, but I got to see them in concert last year at Kcon as well.