K-POP Groups Over Looked Revisited [2014]

5urprise – I can’t really call them a really kpop group because they are all actors and not really active in the kpop scene. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have good music.

Akdong Musician – I didn’t really give them a chance and heard one of their songs from a soundtrack. I think they have a good vibe and good music for a duo sibling group. I also like the mvs.

GOT7 – I heard about them forming before they were an actual group because 2 of the members were in a previous group and was going to join Got7. Even then I didn’t get into them, it was only when Jackson was in ‘Roommates’ that I started getting a little into their music. In which I’m still not big a fan of at all.

JJCC – I only know they are associated with Jackie Chan and I loved their song, “Fire”.

Laboum – I never paid any attention to this group either. I just know they are in the same company as U-KISS. But I found out I do like some of their songs. And also that NH Media ignores them as well.

Madtown – They had some okay music. But they’re disbanded now.

Red Velvet – I’ve definitely heard of this group and only listened to a few of their songs only because I couldn’t keep up with them along with a few other groups. But they’re still active and popular.

Winner – I know this group  because they are from YG, however I didn’t watch the TV show that launched them. But they are another group whose music I don’t listen too because I don’t have the time to keep up with them.