K-POP Groups Over Looked Revisited [2012-Part B]

D-Unit – Never heard of them but their first single was pretty good, however, I’m not sure the group concept of adding members will work out. Plus their style is kinda a rip off of 2ne1.

EvoL – I’ve heard of them. I think I have one of their songs….maybe. But they disbanded even though they had some potential.

Mr.Mr – I have no clue who this group is at all. I just came across their name in the list of groups that debuted in 2012.

Spica – I’ve heard of this group, but what I didn’t know was that they went on hiatus since last year. They have a lot to offer.

Tiny-G – I’ve heard of this group mainly by accident because of their height. They are short compared to other girl groups. I can relate to them because of their height, i’m short too. ;P