K-POP Groups Over Looked Revisited [2012-Part A]

100% – Another group I never heard of at all. But the music is not bad at all. It’s sad that they aren’t active right now, but they should take a short break after the death of their leader.

AOA – Now I’ve heard of AOA, but I don’t listen to their music. I just heard about their one song called Miniskirt. They have a new release coming out this year but no set date yet. I did check out their first and most recent songs and they weren’t all that bad. I think I like this group now because of it.

B.A.P – How could I not know about this group. I just remember Simon and Martina calling them Bunnies Are Puffy for their acronym meaning when “Warrior” came out. However, I know them because I love their song, “One Shot”. The mv is okay but I just love that song plus I have a friend that loves them and goes to their concerts. What are they up to now? I haven’t the foggiest since I don’t follow them and what they do. But they are still active and making music.

BtoB – This is just one of those groups I’ve heard of through soundtracks and probably heard their music. They are still an active group so their music must not be bad.

C-Clown – I’ve heard of this group but I never listened to their songs. But it looks like they disbanded 3 yrs ago. I made this list around 2016 so they had already disbanded. It’s too bad because they had some really good songs.

Cross Gene – Heard of them but again don’t listen to their songs. But they must be doing something right because they’re still active.