K-POP Groups Over Looked Revisited [2011]

APink – I’ve heard of them a lot. But I never listened to their music until now. I heard a song by them from a drama soundtrack and I liked it. But I’ve seen them on Running Man and also in some dramas by themselves. I will try to go back and at least listen to their music videos. They are currently inactive, but it’s just been 1 year which isn’t bad for a hiatus.

Block B – I only know Nilili Mambo. I don’t listen to their music at all. I came across them by accident. They have a style that is like other people but not like Kpop in any sense. I can dig their music though.

M.I.B – Nothing. I know absolutely nothing about this group. But I found out they disbanded in 2017 and it’s just sad that I found out about them so late because their music isn’t half bad.

My Name – I’ve heard of this group but never listened to their music. They remind me of U-KISS. Lots of talent but not active in Korea. They haven’t been active in Korea since 2015 and in Japan since 2017. Hopefully, they’ll have a Korean comeback. They have good music and  videos and they got better with time.