Wallace Huo 霍建華

The first drama I watched with Wallace Huo was, “Guai Xia Yi Zhi Mei Zhi Xun Shou Ji” or rather, “Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei”. And the reason I watched it was because I read that it was the original Iljimae story because at I had already watched “Ilijimae” and “The Return of Iljimae/Moon River”. But I fell in love with with his acting and decided to watch more of his dramas and I have been. I forget occasionally and then I have to catch up on what he’s playing in recently. But I really need to go back and find his old dramas. Anyway, it’s worth watching his dramas because many of the plots are soooooo good.

60554_160161044009660_160156094010155_444956_5746545_nWallace Huo Chien-hwa (born 26 December 1979) is a Taiwanese actor and singer. Wallace Huo Chien-hwa was born in Taipei, Taiwan on 26 December 1979. He is from a family originally from Shandong province, with parents being natives of Longkou, Shandong province and Tianjin Municipality respectively. Huo Chien-hwa was born in a civil servant family. Both parents work in the court and brother is a police officer. His parents have hoped he would follow their career path. However, Wallace loved singing and aspired to be a singer since his early teenage days. Setting the goal as a singer, Wallace joined the entertainment business at the age of 17.


  • Name: 霍建華 (霍建华) / Huo Jian Hua
  • English name: Wallace Huo
  • Nickname: Xiao Hua
  • Profession: Actor and singer
  • Birthdate: 1979-Dec-26 (age 36)
  • Birthplace: Taiwan
  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 64kg
  • Star sign: Capricorn
  • Chinese zodiac: Goat
  • Blood type: B
  • Family: Older brother

DSC00290TV Shows

  • The Imperial Doctress as Zhu Qizhen (2016)
  • Love Me, If You Dare as Simon Bo (2015)
  • The Journey of Flower as Bai Zi Hua (2015)
  • Biao Men as Liu An Shun (2015)
  • Xi Li Ren Shi as Li Da Ren (cameo) (2014)
  • Perfect Couple as Jin Yuanbao (2014)
  • Battle of Changsha as Gu Qing Ming (2014)
  • Xiao Ao Jiang Hu as Linghu Chong (2012)
  • Xing Ming Shi Ye as Meng Tian Chu (2012)
  • Gan Dong Sheng Ming as Han Zi Han (CCTV, 2012)
  • Qing Shi Huang Fei as Liu Lian Cheng (Hunan TV, 2011)
  • Guai Xia Yi Zhi Mei (2011)
  • Go Yi Yi Go (CCTV, 2010)
  • Detective Tanglang (CNTV, 2010)
  • Xin Yi Jian Mei (2009)
  • Chinese Paladin 3 (2009)
  • Love in the Forlorn City (2008)
  • Rouge Snow (2008)
  • A Mobile Love Story (2008)
  • Modern Beauty (2008)
  • Love at First Fight (2007)
  • Emerald on the Roof (GTV, 2006)
  • Hong Fu Nu (CTV, 2006)
  • Sound of Colors (CTS, 2006)
  • Tian Xia Di Yi (2004)
  • 100% Senorita (CTS / SETTV, 2004)
  • Westside Story (SETTV, 2003)
  • At the Dolphin Bay (SETTV, 2003)
  • Pretty Girl (CTS, 2003, guest)
  • My Secret Garden (CTV, 2003, guest)
  • Spicy Teacher (CTS, 2002)
  • Star (TTV, 2002)


  • Honey Enemy (2015)
  • Inside or Outside (2015)
  • Ultra Reinforcement (2012)
  • Contract of Status Interchange (2009)
  • Hands in the Hair / Zuo Tou (2005)