Love Me If You Dare

I really love Wallace Huo. His acting is just amazing. I honestly can’t remember how I came across him. I’m sure I will remember some day. At any rate when I saw this airing on Viki I was super happy. I hadn’t seen of his dramas in a while and the plot for this story is just so interesting. From beginning to end I loved it. The ending actually left room for a possible second season, or some type of spin-off. But he’s busy with a new drama that aired recently. It’s still being subbed in English so a review will be submitted sometime in the future.

Rating: icons_stars-4half

Love Me, If You Dare (TV Series) previously known as Close Your Eyes and Close To Me is a romance-suspense drama series presented by SOHU TV, Shandong Film & TV Group, SMG Pictures and Dongyangzhengwu Film. The drama is adapted from Ding Mo’s(Chinese: 丁墨; pinyin: Ding Mo) novel published in July 2014 and produced by Kong Sheng, Hou Hongliang with the screenplay by Hai Yan. The production of the this drama series was started on 22th May 2015, starring by Wallace Huo, Sandra Ma,Edward Zhang, Ma Sichun, Wang Kai, Zhang Lingzhi and Andrew Yin.

This drama series is about the romantic relationship between a criminal psychologist, Professor Simon Bo, starring Wallace Huo and his assistant Jenny Jian, starring Ma Si Chun, while they work on solving some mysterious and violent criminal cases, based on the study of the wills, thoughts, intentions and reactions of criminals to resolve the cases. The series will premiere simultaneously online in Sohu TV and on air in Dragon Television on 15th October 2015.

Main Character

Role Cast Brief description
Simon/Allen Bo Jinyan
Wallace Huo Male, Age: 30, Criminal Psychologist, professor of The University of Maryland’s. He works as the Analysts/Advisor of the serious criminal cases in the Police Department. He lost his Father at the early age and moved to the United States with his mother. He has high IQ but low EQ, as he is not good in socializing.
Jenny Jian Yao
Ma Sichun Female, Age: 23, Graduate from the Foreign Language University. She is deeply influenced by her father, a veteran police officer on criminal investigations who died on duty. She has a great sense of justice and very observant. She works as Simon’s assistant and his translator who ends up helping Simon in the criminal investigation.
Jabber Xie Han
Edward Zhang Male, Age: 30, the son of a very rich American businessman. His parents were divorced when he was very young and he was abandoned with his alcoholic father who later on abused him violently. He is very smart and was a literature student from the Princeton University but due to his distorted personality, he was expelled from the school before he could finish the studies.
Li Xunran
Wang Kai Male, Age: 28, Li grew up with Jenny as he is from a police family too. He has also become a policeman and is an excellent shooter, and is very knowledgeable in handling weapons. He is tough and talented for being one of the outstanding policemen.
Kris Fu Ziyu
Andrew Yin Male, Age: 30, Kris graduated from School of Medicine, University of Maryland’s and is known as one of the outstanding medical students. He is tall, gentle, smart, and is the only friend of Simon, willing to help Simon and stay with him whenever he needs.