Sonjjang Design Hanbok

How many of you ladies’ out there just love it when you get to see the hanbok being worn in a Korean drama? I know I do, but I also wish I could get one. For most of us going to South Korea to get a hanbok would be wonderful, especially since we would be visiting another country. However, that isn’t likely to happen for many of us, but there is still a way to own that wonderful hanbok anyway. There is a store online that sells hanbok and accessories for women, men and kids. So now you can have your special hanbok. They even do larger sizes…for a bit more of course. But it’s wonderful that we are able to get such wonderful clothing from Korea ourselves and not have to go there in person. So check out Sonj-Jang Design Hanbok. And please don’t forget to tell us about your experience with them.

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