OMG! I love this shoppe. I can’t wait to buy their stuff…their shoes in particular. Even though I am a woman, I have never been one to like shoes too much….until recent years. Now, I like to buy shoes, but only if I have the money and know that they match an outfit, etc. However, this store makes me want to buy the shoes just because they are cute, even though I don’t have anything to match and would be spending money on something I might never get a chance to wear…but seriously check out the styles below and you’ll see what I mean. And the best part is that these shoes are super affordable….even though you may be spending a lot on shipping, it is totally worth it once you add these shoes to your closet. So if you like anything below then visit Gobuu.

And by the way, before you get all huffy about the quality, please take a look at the shoes in your closet and tell me where they were made… China? Korea? Japan? Just know that with this company you are bypassing the middle man like Kohl’s, Target, Payless Shoe source, etc.

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