Yes, you must beware when you order from this store because as of yet I still have not received my item. I ordered Lee Jun Ki Mini Album (CD + DVD) (Korea Version), on November 20, 2012 and it was shipped on November 22, 2012 HK Standard Time via standard mail, which is typically 7-14 business days. I didn’t mind the wait especially since the shipping was cheap I knew it was going to take this long. However, I still haven’t gotten my item and it has been 14 business days EXACTLY! I ordered some stylus pens that came from Hong Kong and I got them around 12/6 and I also ordered from in Korea on 12/4 and got my merchandise on 12/10. And yet I still haven’t received my items from I know that they weighed about 3 pounds and was sent in 2 separate packages, and yet NOT ONE has arrived. I contacted Yes Asia on 12/6 and they said wait the full 14 days and so I did and now they are telling to wait until 12/20 which would have been a WHOLE MONTH since I ordered my item. That is really ridiculous. So I wrote them a really long note stating that I will wait until 12/20 and if it doesn’t come by then they need to reship it to me via Express shipping with tracking. So I’m just letting everyone know to be really careful when ordering from them and always choose Express even if it’s a little more because it has tracking with it. I was an idiot for trusting them to ship my package without tracking info. Anyway, lesson now learned.