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Last February 3rd, Utada Hikaru announced that she’s getting married!

With all that’s she’s been through in the past year, we’re happy to see her moving on.

Check out the translation of her announcement below!

“I will be getting married soon.

I thought about making the announcement after quietly holding the ceremony, but I’ve already received inquiries and it seems there are already rumors, so I am making the announcement at this time.

I laughed a little because it was unexpected myself. My partner is an Italian man. He is the most ‘common person’, so for the safety of him and his family, I ask from the bottom of my heart to refrain from invasion of privacy.

Thank you for your warm support. I am sorry to make you worry so often. He is a faithful young man who is loved by many friends. His family is a large, cheerful, and lively family that would appear in mangas. Since I am at a good age, it would make me happy if you would please watch over me quietly.”

February 3, 2014

Utada Hikaru

“Also… since I am still in mourning, I thought about putting off my marriage. But when I talked about him to my mother during our last conversation, she seemed so happy which made me think, ‘how many years has it been since I’ve heard my mom so happy?’. I believe that my mother is certainly supporting me, so I decided to get married as planned.”

Congratulations Utada!

Source: Utada Hikaru’s Website

Photo: OctoberGarden

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